What is a Therapy Intensive?

A Therapy Intensive is an accelerated form of therapy designed to help clients go deeper and get results faster.

Instead of attending therapy one hour per week for a year, why not carve out a weekend or a week for Therapy Intensives?

It’s a cutting-edge approach to help people feel better faster. No need for a weekly therapy appointment.

In fact, many people think of Therapy Intensives like a retreat. For that weekend or week you can unplug, take time off work, get a babysitter, or even stay in a hotel.

This time is completely dedicated to you so you can focus on healing, reflecting,
and reconnecting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Intensives

Who can benefit from Therapy Intensives?

Therapy Intensives are perfect for people who are ready for relief now. If you’re ready to see things change in your life and in your relationships, but you don’t want to wait for that to happen months down the road, then a Therapy Intensive may be right for you.

If you have a specific topic, trauma, or stressor that you want support with, this can be the focus of your Therapy Intensive. The dedicated time will be customized specifically to you and your goals.

Why should I do a Therapy Intensive instead of a normal 50-minute therapy session?

Therapy Intensives are more effective and efficient than normal 50-minute therapy sessions. Typically in a 50-minute session, there is at least 5-10 minutes of a “check-in” at the start of the session and 5-10 minutes spent on “closing up” or “checking out” at the end of a session, which leaves only 30-40 minutes for deep therapeutic work.

Therapy Intensives are different. A 3-hour Therapy Intensive allows for up to 2.5 hours of deep work. That’s the equivalent of five 50-minute sessions–or more than a month of therapy–in a single day!

How many Intensive Days should I schedule?

Great question! This depends on your goals for the Therapy Intensive. Some goals can be reached in a 1-Day Intensive (3 hours), but other goals are more complex and may require a 3-Day Intensive.

I can help you determine the number of days that would work best for your therapy goals.

If I already have a primary therapist, can I do an intensive as adjunct therapy?

Absolutely! Therapy Intensives work very well as an adjunct therapy.

I would ask that you sign a Release of Information (ROI) so that your current therapist and I can collaborate/coordinate to best serve you.

Can my insurance help pay for Therapy Intensives?

Therapy Intensives are not covered by insurance. However, if you have out-of-network benefits, your insurance company may reimburse a portion of the Therapy Intensive.

It’s best to call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card to learn the details about your specific plan.

Make sure to ask questions like:

Do I have a deductible for out-of-network services?

Have I met my deductible?

What CPT billing codes do you reimburse (i.e. 90837 or two 90843 in one day)?

What is the rate of reimbursement for each billing code?

What is the allowable amount for reimbursement?

Here is a helpful resource: The Complete Guide to Out-Of-Network Reimbursement

When are payments due?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time you book your Therapy Intensive.
The remaining 50% is due on the first day of the Intensive Session.

What if I’m interested in a Therapy Intensive but I’m not 100% sure?

Let’s schedule a time to talk! I’m happy to answer any questions and explore your unique situation to see if a Therapy Intensive may be helpful for you.

Therapy Intensive Packages

What’s Included

Pre-Therapy Intensive Interview

A 90-minute virtual or in-person session to determine the goals of the Therapy Intensive and prepare for the experience. We will identify the painful memories, beliefs, patterns, and emotions from which you are seeking relief.

Personalized Intensive Workbook

The workbook includes assessments and activities to prepare for the
Intensive. The workbook allows you keep a record of progress on
your treatment goals before, during, and after our sessions.

Therapy Intensive Sessions

Therapy Intensive sessions take place at the office or virtually, and are scheduled for 1-3 days for 3-4 hours each day. Includes targeted treatment and resourcing activities customized for you.

Post-Therapy Intensive Interview

A 60-minute session to debrief the experience and reflect on areas of insight, relief, and transformation. In the Post-Intensive Interview, we will discuss your next steps for continued growth and healing.

Options and Investment

One Day

Starting at $1,650

  • 8 hour program
  • 6 face-to-face hours
  • Resources, assessments, & personalized treatment workbook
  • Available Tue, Wed, and on weekends, (Fri 1-4, Sat)

Weekday cost: $1,650

Weekend cost: $2,062

Two Day

Starting at $2,266

  • 11 hour program
  • 9 face-to-face hours
  • Resources, assessments, & personalized treatment workbook
  • Available Tue, Wed, and on weekends, (Fri 1-4, Sat)

Weekday cost: $2,266

Weekend cost: $2,832

Three Day

Starting at $2,884

  • 14 hour program
  • 12 face-to-face hours
  • Resources, assessments, & personalized treatment workbook
  • Available Tue, Wed, and on weekends, (Fri 1-4, Sat)

Weekday cost: $2,884

Weekend cost: $3,605